Insurance Claim

Step 1: Property Inspection

A proper roof and property inspection will reveal all damage after the storm has passed.  It is essential that the evaluation is performed in a thorough manner with nothing left out. We will take pictures of all components needing to be assessed to provide you with a through analysis. At the end of our inspection, you will have a detailed report on the status of the roof and a consultation on how to proceed.

Step 2: Filing the Claim with the Insurance Company

Filing a claim with an insurance company can sound like a long process.  We can make this step very simple. We will call the insurance company together.  This call can take only 5-10 minutes. A representative will request a date and approximate time that the damaged occurred, which we will provide. Your insurance company will ask you questions to determine what areas of the home are affected. Our inspection will include a detailed report on the condition of the roof and a recommendation on how to proceed that you can share with your insurance company.

Step 3:  Adjuster Appointment

Within 24-48 hours of filing a claim, you will receive a call from an adjuster to inspect the property. The time requested to inspect the property should include Reliable Roofing’s approval.  We need to be there to go over the damage that was found on the inspection with the Adjuster. Adjusters should be able to make a recommendation to the insurance company based on evidence gathered at this time. It is the contractor's job to help gather evidence of the home’s exterior. It's the homeowner's job to point out any internal damage. In either case, it is important to be thorough and accurate. At the conclusion of the appointment, the adjuster will want to summarize his or her findings. If there is any disagreement between our experts and the insurance adjuster, we will make statements and ask questions to help us understand his conclusion.

Step 4:  Evaluating the Insurance Company’s Report

When your roof is approved, the adjuster will write up an estimate. It is not uncommon for your insurance carrier to initially approve an estimate with only shingles and felt on it. The contractor will review this document to make sure it is accurate and nothing was left off.  

Step 5:  Installation

Our supply company will deliver all materials straight to your home. Once we secure the area, we will begin to remove the old roof material.
After stripping the old material, the next step is to start installing all the new roofing material to your exact specifications. After we have confirmed that all products have been installed, all wood has been repaired, and all high-risk areas are thoroughly sealed, we will begin installing the surface layer (shingles, metal roofing, etc.) Everything is installed according to state and local codes. Your roof will be completely restored back to new condition.

Step 6: Notifying the insurance company

Upon job completion, you will sign a certificate of completion. This document is then sent to the insurance company with a detailed invoice, of which you will receive a copy. The invoice is needed for your insurance company to issue the next check until the final check is submitted.